Tuesday, March 26, 2013

EucaStart 2.0 - The story so far

As part of the EucaStart 2.0 engagement process, Eucalyptus Professional Services is providing detailed information on each stage of a IaaS cloud deployment in an open and transparent way for all to modify and implement. We hope that this will help our users, customers and partners to setup successful IaaS deployments.

We're really just getting started with EucaStart 2.0, so we warmly welcome any feedback and support if you would like to contribute.

Details on each Stage

Over the past few weeks we've covered a lot of content so I thought it would be worth recapping it and where it fits into the EucaStart story.
Our first post by Jason announced, that we were moving our Professional services into the open and since then we've produced detailed posts on many of the stages:

Stage 1 - DBM Course Delivery: Open Source course materials, Contributing to courseware and Renting the Eucalyptus Education Cloud

Stage 2 - Cloud Architecture & Operations Review: Networking, Application Stack, Storage, Storage Controller, Walrus server, Hardware, Compute & Misc considerations.

Stage 3 - Architecture Diagrams & Bill of Materials (BOM): Reference Architecture & Custom Deliverables

Stage 4 - Customer Production Environment Pre-check: Watch this space!

Stage 5 - Install & Configure: Software Installation & Configuration and Cloud Images

Stage 6 - Verifications & Operations Check: Eucalyptus Support and User Acceptance Testing

In addition there has been posts on the Repeatable Deployment Plan and how we plan to publish and use the EucaStart content.

There is more to come, so watch this space! We hope you've enjoyed the content so far. Any comments or suggestions? Please leave us a comment!

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